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These two are so stinkin' adorable! Thanks for letting us share your pics Mikayla and Chris!

Photo Booth

Who knew all it took was a quality printer, an iPad and some creativity to have a photo booth? Not us, but we sure do now! OK, OK, it takes way more than that to have a great photo booth experience, but utilizing new app technology we have a very affordable photo booth option to add a lot of fun to your next event! 

The Setup

The setup is not super complicated, we didn't have to kidnap Tony Stark to develop some nano tech to create the photo booth. We simply came up with an easy way to hang a back drop, and mount the iPad for a unique and fun add-on for your guests to get goofy! We use a Canon photo printer if you want physical copies of the pictures available at the event, otherwise, your guests can email or text the pictures to themselves! (email and text does require access to AT&T's cellular network.) Within a week of your event ending, we will provide you with a USB flash drive of all the images from your party and you do what ever you want with them, no copyrights attached.

Take a look at some of the samples below from the Anderson's wedding! There are also a few screen shots of the software and the customization options we can use for your event.

Important information regarding Lights at events

Being in the industry as long as we have, we want to make sure you are fully informed. One thing to know, when lights are in use, they flash, blink, move and even strobe. These effects can cause seizures, even in people who have not experienced seizures before. Those diagnosed with Epilepsy are more likely to have issues. The effects of the lights are no different than playing video games regarding seizures. If you and your guests are able to play video games, the lights should be OK. If you are concerned about the possibility of seizures or a guest has a history of them, please notify us prior to the event and the lights will not be used or we will limit the flashing sequences best we can.