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It is such an honor to know that our passion affects people in a positive way. Our clients become our friends and they are amazing. We simply had to share some of the wonderful comments and compliments they have given us over the years with you. 

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He had so much experience to share!

Bruce was so great to work with!  He set up a meeting with us before the wedding and walked us through the planning worksheet.  It helped us structure our whole ceremony and reception.  He even gave us tips and tricks for the day that had nothing to do with him having to be the dj, he just had so much experience with weddings and wanted to share what he had learned.  Everything that we had discussed with him helped us on our big day.  He showed up and I didn't have to worry about a thing, I knew he had it taken care of.  The ceremony music sounded great.  Being outside I was a little worried but he nailed it.  He also warned us that the mic picks of everything and he meant it! The reception was so much fun and there was a great variety of music!  We received many compliments on how much fun our DJ was and even how great of a singer he is!  I didn't even realize he was singing one of the slow songs until someone pointed out how amazing he was!  I have recommended him to multiple couples since our wedding and will continue to recommend him to anyone who asks in the future!

- Jess S, Cottage Grove



I have been going to Bullseye for two years now. Some of the best times I have had have been when Bruce and McKenna DJ. They both have such an amazing ability to not only read the crowd but also make sure they fill in every request they get. I could never ask for a better team to entertain my music desires! They are truly an amazing team as well as individuals in that booth!

Tiffany M.

Lonsdale, MN

A pleasure and incredibly entertaining.


As a fellow entertainer/DJ myself, it has always been truly my pleasure working with and for Bruce! He is always professional, appropriate to the occasion, on time, and most of all incredibly entertaining! I've had the pleasure of working with Bruce numerous times over the years and I've always had the time of my life with him! I highly recommend him for any occasion from weddings to school events or any down home bar karaoke night! Hire him, you won't be disappointed!

Misty V.

Eagan, MN

So happy you were there!



Thank you for celebrating our wedding with us! We had a blast & were so happy you were there! You were an awesome DJ & we can't thank you enough for DJing for us (especially on such short notice)!


Chris & Mikayla

PS Thanks for bringing the photo booth too!

A great time.


I have known Bruce for about 15 years. He is a great guy & loves to have fun. I have been to his karaoke/DJ shows numerous times and have had a great time every time. He is energetic and witty. He is very fair in karaoke rotation and has a great selection in music. Not to mention he can sing well and is pleasant to listen to. I recommend checking out one of Bruce’s shows. You’ll have a great time too!     -Tanya S

Thank You!


Holy buckets, you're amazing!

-The Always Lucy Strong Committee



Bruce, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You were a fantastic DJ! We are so happy that you were willing and able to share / be part of our special day :) We definitely could not have done it without you! BEST BROTHER EVER! 

Everyone said you were awesome!

Love The Minogues 

Respectful and a great time.

Hey Bruce!

Kati and I have enjoyed attending your karaoke gigs for the past three years now. There are a lot of choices when it comes to bars that offer karaoke, but there are a myriad of reasons Kati and I come to your shows, regardless of where you are at. As you know we've driven from Hastings to Elko, to Farmington, and beyond to hang with you and the crowd.

* You have great sounding gear, and one of the very best song   selections in Minnesota / Western Wisconsin!

* Your rotations are fair; you don't play favorites ensuring everyone has a chance to get up and have fun!

* You respectfully make people obey the rules, while having a GREAT time in the process

* I know I am going to see other mutual friends and singing acquaintances who also specifically come for all of the above reasons.  

Any bar is lucky to have you perform. It brings them money. I'll generally spend about $60-$100.00 for just Kati and myself for food and drinks on a karaoke night. A lot more if I've made bonus and start buying people drinks! So keep up the good work and keep us informed where each new gig is at!  -Rob N


YCC Daddy Daughter Dance

Since 2006, Maveric Music has had the pleasure of providing entertainment services for the District 196 Youth Connection Councils Daddy Daughter Dance held in April. In 2008, we received this letter. Since the start of the YCCDDD, participation from local families has more than doubled and the event continues to be sold out.

May 1, 2008 


This email will serve as a reference for Mr. Bruce Karnick of Maveric Music.   


District 196 Community Education Youth Services, along with members of the district’s Youth Connection Council (YCC), sponsors an annual Daddy/Daughter Dance held in the spring each year.  Proceeds from this fundraiser are used to fund Community Education youth enrichment class scholarships.  


Bruce Karnick has graciously volunteered his time as our DJ for the event since its creation two years ago.  Attendance numbers for the dance increased dramatically this year.  We’re sure Bruce played a significant role in the success of these dances.   


We are extremely happy with Bruce and his expertise.  He has been reliable, prompt with his set-up and tear down, and is great at announcing any information we need provided.  Bruce has played a wide variety of music for the dances that have brought both the dads and their daughters to the dance floor throughout the entire evening.  In fact, we’ve been amazed at the number of people that actually got out and danced. 


We would highly recommend Bruce for any event you have planned.  Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. (EDIT: Connie and Doreen have since retired)


Connie Elvin CE Youth Services Coordinator – YCC Advisor Independent School District 196 


Doreen Parrish  CE Youth Services – YCC Advisor Independent School District 196    


Cannon Falls Mock Crash

Dear Participant,

On behalf of the Cannon Falls Emergency Services we would like to

graciously thank you for your desire to be a part of the 2008 Mock Crash

event. We could not have been successful without your contribution.

Our motivation for providing this event is to heighten the awareness

of not just the students here in Cannon Falls, but the precious children of

our community. Young drivers and alcohol use are portrayed in an attempt

to demonstrate just how quickly a disaster of this nature can happen.

This event cannot even begin to reveal the chaos, devastation and

heartbreak that takes place in seconds and the effects that will last

for a lifetime.

We pray this event will have an enormous impact on the fhture

choices of the young lives in our community.

Thanks Again,

Cannon Falls Emergency Services

About the Mock Crash

Mock crashes are held all over the States to leave a lasting impression of the seriousness of drunk driving on teens. A mock crash typically involves the local Police/Fire/EMT force as well as local businesses to stage a crash scene depicting a fatal drunk driving scene. When the scene unfolds, it shows students a fairly graphic scene of a drunk driving crash, with their classmates as the actors. It is amazingly emotional and has a huge impact on the students.