Wedding Officiant


Sometimes things just seem to fit, they are a natural progression. After many people asking, ”Can you officiate weddings? It seems like you’d be good at it.”Bruce decided to explore the option. As of August 2018, the answer is YES! Bruce is licensed in Minnesota and Wisconsin* to officiate weddings. 

”Having been in the industry for nearly 30 years, I’d like to think I have seen 300+ ceremonies. I’m sure it’s more, I never thought to keep track. Along with that, having announced baseball since 2010, I have no fear of talking in front of people and having fun with it. The key to any good public speaking is having a great script and practicing that script.” Bruce

We are still working on the contract and planner for officiating and doing our research on how to offer the best value for you, so keep an eye on this space!

(*Wisconsin licensing varies by county. Please verify the requirements for the county of the ceremony at least 45 days prior to your event)

Planning your ceremony


Planning your ceremony can be just as important as picking the right spouse! Ok, not really, but you found the perfect spouse, why not take the time to plan out the ceremony? Location, wedding party, rings, ring bearer, flower girl, flowers, decorations, seating, music, scripture, poems, who is giving away the bride, entrance order, introduction... Believe it or not, there is a lot that goes in to even the shortest of ceremonies. You can’t simply wing it, but you also need to keep an open mind just in case. Build a plan that has a little flexibility. Understand, something small will go wrong. Always keep in mind, you are getting married!

How do you plan the ceremony? Take a look below at our list of resources, its still in progress, but it will give you ideas on how to search Google.

The basics of the ceremony. Should be easy right? Well...

We are pretty detail oriented here at Maveric Music. In the process of writing the planner out, we can say this. There is a lot that goes in to the planning of a ceremony, we mean a lot. But we want to get it right and we want to help you get it right. The planner we are building is shaping up nicely, but it’s going to be big, and thats ok. 

Helpful Resources


There are thousands of articles online to help you plan your entire wedding day. Google can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how far you want to dig. Staying focused is key. Figure out your theme for the day and stick with it. With so many creative ideas to celebrate your special day, it’s super easy to get lost in a sea of ideas. Here are some external articles that can help you navigate and stay on course.

How to get a marriage license in MN

How to get a marriage license in WI

Wisconsin marriage laws vary from county to county. Its best if you simply google “marriage license (county) Wi”.  The link is for Pierce County

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